What Visitors Need to Know...

This helpful guide will help you understand and navigate your hospital visiting experience.


Effective JuLY 16, 2021

General Information for visitors

  • Following Provincial Public Health Guidelines, all individuals entering the Hospital are required to participate in active COVID-19 screening, regardless of vaccination status. Please provide honest information so that proper precautions can be implemented to ensure safety of everyone.
  • Please clean your hands with hand sanitizer or soap and water each time you enter or exit the patient’s room
  • Before providing any food or medications, please discuss with the care team
  • Listowel Wingham Hospitals Alliance is a scent free environment, please refrain from wearing any scented products, such as perfumes and body sprays, and bringing strongly scented flowers into the hospital
  • To protect the privacy of patients, visitors and staff, the use of recording devices is not permitted without consent
  • Listowel Wingham Hospitals Alliance is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for patients, visitors and staff. We ask that all visitors be courteous, polite, and respectful of others. We have a zero-tolerance policy against violence, abusive and/or threatening behavior

All Visitors MUST:

  • Pass the screening upon entry to the hospital
  • Wear a hospital provided mask through their entire visit
  • Only visit one inpatient while in the building
  • Limit movement throughout the hospital with no access to common areas
  • Be able to enter the building and get to the inpatient unit independently

General Visiting

  • All inpatients will be permitted one (1) visitor daily, no limit on number of visitors throughout the patient stay.
  • Visiting will be prescheduled with screening staff to ensure limited visitors in each patient room at a time, ward rooms will be limited to two (2) visitors at one time.
  • Hospital staff may ask visitors to step out of the room while providing care to allow safe physical distancing
  • Clergy visits will not replace a daily visitor and do not require scheduling or preapproval.
  • Providers of personal care (ex. hairdressers) will be permitted and would not replace a daily visitor. These services should be pre booked to limit interfering with visitors.

Palliative Care

  • Patients with a Palliative Performance Scale of 30% or less and nearing end of life may have 2 visitors in the Hospital building at one time, unlimited visitors throughout the day.

Obstetrical Patients

  • Patients admitted to the Listowel Mother-Baby Unit will be permitted two (2) support person. 
  • Post-partum patients will continue to have one (1) support person. 
  • These support persons will continue to be permitted to come and go as needed.  
  • No general visitors are permitted to the Mother-Baby Unit

Pediatric Patients

  • Pediatric patients will be permitted the presence of two (2) parents/guardians


LWHA offers free wireless internet making it easier for our patients and visitors to stay connected with family and friends. Here’s how to access free wireless internet:

    1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device (laptop, tablet or smartphone)
    2. Select “LWHA-GUEST” from the wireless network list

Cafeteria & Vending Machines

***Due to COVID-19, Cafeteria services are available for take out only for Visitors.***

Cafeterias are located on ground floor at LMH and the basement at WDH. Vending Machines are available 24 hours/day. Change Machines are located at the Main Registration at LMH and in the Cafeteria at WDH. ATMs are not available on site.

Listowel Hours: Monday – Friday: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Wingham Hours: Monday to Friday: 11:45 am – 1:15 pm


Smoking and vaping are not allowed on any Hospital property including the grounds and parking lots.


Our Hospitals have a scent-free policy. Please do not wear scented products while at the Hospital.


Use the parking lots located across from the Main Entrance at LMH or Emergency Entrance at WDH. Change Machines are located beside Registration at LMH and Cafeteria WDH.

Listowel: Cost of $2 upon Exit (accepts coins $2, $1, $0.25)
Wingham: Free of Charge


Check with a member of the healthcare team before providing any patient with food, drinks or assistance. Do not use the patient washroom; ask a member of the healthcare team where public washrooms are located.


LWHA is committed to keeping all personal health information safe and confidential Do not take pictures or videos without permission. Please adhere to hospital practices and policies. If you have a privacy related concern, call us at Ext. 6254 or email us through our contact form.

Infection prevention & Control

Wash your hands after using the washroom, coughing, sneezing, and upon entering or leaving a patient room. Hand sanitizers are available throughout the Hospital. To stop the spread of germs, hand hygiene is important when visiting more than one patient at a time.
When visiting patients in isolation, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required. Refer to the signs posted on the room door or patients curtain. PPE may include gloves, gown and/or masks. If you have any questions, please contact our Infection Prevention and Control Coordinator at Ext. 5279.


LWHA is committed to providing a safe, healthy and supportive environment for all, supported by a zero tolerance policy for disrespectful behaviour and/or violence. If observed, report to a member of the healthcare team.


If an injury occurs during your visit, notify a member of the healthcare team.

Emergency Response Codes

Staff respond to all emergencies paged overhead. Each emergency has a corresponding colour. For example, Code Red refers to a fire in the building. For location, listen to the announcement made by registration.
  1. Stay calm
  2. Listen to instructions made by staff


LWHA values your feedback. If you have a concern, suggestion or compliment, speak with your health care provider. If you feel your question or concern requires further attention, please ask to speak to the Manager or the Patient Experience Coordinator.

Email Patient Experience
Phone: Ext. 6206

Patient Experience Survey


Interested in volunteering at our hospital? Complete the LWHA Volunteer Application Form. Submit the form to Human Resources, email careers or call Ext. 5344.

Auxiliary GIFT SHOP

Gift Shops are currently closed due to COVID-19. Visit their online shops found on the Gift Shop Page. Gift shops are located by Registration at each site.
See details on our Gift Shops Page.

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