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Living Well with Diabetes

The Diabetes Education Centre has a Registered Dietitian (RD) and Registered Nurse (RN) who see outpatients and inpatients. The program assists clients and their families in learning to live well with Diabetes. The RD and RN work with you to increase Diabetes knowledge, skills and self-management techniques. The service targets patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Adult Type 1, and Gestational Diabetes.

The Diabetes Program Includes:

  • Nutrition counselling and menu planning
  • Education in the use of glucometers
  • Knowledge of healthy targets and strategies that can be implemented to achieve these targets
  • Goal setting, problem solving and self-management skills
  • Screening of blood glucose, blood pressure and assessment of the health of your feet
  • Information on dining out, label reading and increasing activity
  • Loaner library of books and health related DVD’s
  • Education in the use of glucometers, hypoglycemia treatment and prevention
  • Insulin initiation and adjustment working towards self-management
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